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Thank you for visiting ProVape.com and welcome to home of ProVari™ Personal Vaporizers, the world’s #1 rated devices in over 60 countries for over 6 years.

What we created at ProVape, is an entire product line of devices that provide a better experience to meet the everyday demands of an international audience of current smokers, as well as daily vapor users.

Made in the USA with the highest quality parts and stringent quality control, the ProVari Personal Vaporizer product lines are designed to be better, safer, and more consistent than any other product on the market today.

made in the usa

The ProVari Starter Kit

Push Button - Simple one-button control for every function of the device

Digital Display - Digital monitor for controlling your vapor, battery life and many other features

Drip Tip - A molded mouthpiece used to inhale the vapor

Charger - Standard wall outlet charger with two battery docks

Battery Housing - This is the housing that holds the battery and provides power to your ProVari



System that holds the e-liquid, as well as heats it to produce vapor

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ProVari devices can be powered by three different battery sizes

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extension end caps

End Cap

The end cap holds the battery in place and can be upgraded

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Nicotine E-Liquid


E-liquid is the last and final component of the best vaping experience you have ever had. ProVape not only manufactures devices, but we also have an in-house mixology team that blends incredibly refined e-liquids for use in our ProVari series of personal vaporizers. They come in the following nicotine strength levels:

- 0 mg
- 6 mg
- 12 mg
- 18 mg
- 24 mg

The ProVari™ - How It's Made