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Introducing the ProVari Pass-Thru

Power your ProVari without batteries with the new ProVari Pass-Thru

The Pass-Thru allows you to power your ProVari while at home with the Home kit.
By removing the battery and inserting this special power pack, it provides all-day power to the ProVari or ProVari Mini.
One kit does it all – the Pass-Thru comes to you ready to power the ProVari or the ProVari Mini!

The home kit includes:

1 -Pass-Thru power unit.
1 -Small adapter that makes the Pass-thru compatible with the regular size ProVari.
1 -Wall Pack.

Enjoy the freedom from batteries when you are in the office or at home.

Optional Accessories:

ProVari Pass-Thru Wall Plug

ProVari Pass-Thru Wall Plug - Included with the home kit, This plugs into a standard 110V outlet. This will power the ProVari Pass-Thru anywhere you feel like plugging it in. This power supply is also compatible with 240V and can be used with a plug adapter for international customers.

Pass-Thru Splitter

Pass-Thru Splitter- This adapter allows you to power two ProVari's from one Pass-Thru Wall Plug. Simply plug this into the wall plug, then plug in two Extension cables to power two Pass-Thru packs from one source. (If you purchase this option you will need two Pass-Thru units and two Extension cables below.) Not for use with the cigarette lighter 12v plug.

ProVari Pass-Thru Extension Cable

ProVari Pass-Thru Extension Cable - This cable can be used to either extend the length of the standard power cable, or it can be used with the Power Splitter to power two ProVari Pass-Thru units at the same time. If you purchase the Pass-Thru Splitter you will need two of these cables and two Pass-Thru units to power two ProVari.

90° Elbow Connector

90° Elbow Connector - For those who want to direct the cable off to the side, this adapter connects to the end of the ProVari Pass-Thru and angles the connector at a 90°.