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This guide discusses the ProVape components and the basics on how to use an electronic cigarette. We hope you find this information useful in learning more about electronic cigarettes.

What are the differences between a pen style e cig and the ProVape?


The ProVape is a slightly larger electronic cigarette due to the bigger battery it holds. There are many advantages to using a device with a larger battery.

Compared to the pen-style e-cigs, the ProVape averages 7-10 hours of heavy use on a single rechargeable battery. Since the ProVape has more power, you will find the difference to be night and day over the smaller devices. More added power equals more vapor and longer use. Many of our customers have expressed their frustrations with small pen-style e-cig batteries. The major complaint is that the batteries only last about 4 weeks before they no longer hold a charge or rapidly decrease in performance and need to be replaced. With the added problem of only being able to charge one pen-style battery per charger and the time it takes to constantly re-charge, it can quickly become a daily chore.

Shown in the photo below are the main components of the ProVape electronic cigarette.

Battery Housing - This is the part that holds the battery and provides power to your ProVape electronic cigarette. The ProVape uses standard rechargeable batteries that last on average 8-10 hours before they need to be recharged. There are several types of batteries that we offer including the standard 14500 and the AW high performance.

The differences are the AW batteries hold their power for a longer period of time since they are a higher quality battery. The standard batteries work great but their power will start to diminish faster.

The ProVape Starter kits include two batteries and a matching battery charger that can charge two batteries at a time. The ProVape starter kit comes with everything you need to get started.

Pushbutton - This is the part you press to activate the ProVape. When you press this button it heats up the atomizer and produces water vapor. This is what you inhale and gives you the sensation of smoking.

Atomizer Adapter - The atomizer adapter is a component that can be removed and replaced on the ProVape. This part allows you to adapt different types of atomizers. Currently we offer adapters for the 901 and 510 atomizers. It comes down to preference which type of atomizer and adapter you choose to order. We find the 901 produces a lighter silkier vapor whereas the 510 gives you a stronger and warmer vapor. Experiment with both types of atomizers to find the one that satisfies you.


Atomizer - This is the part of the ProVape that produces vapor. It has a small element inside that heats up when you press the pushbutton. It vaporizes the E-Liquid and produces plumes of vapor. Water vapor does not have any odor and it dissipates quickly with no lingering smell. There is no second hand smoke, no tar and no ash involved in its operation.

You will find that with a device like the ProVape, you won't need to drag as hard compared to a pen style e-cig because it can produce vapor more rapidly due to its larger battery and greater power.

Atomizers work best with a refill of only 2-3 drops. When it gets low, you will notice the vapor production decreases or if you start to get a bad taste, then it's time to refill.

The metal atomizer housing will also get warmer when it's low on E-Juice as the fluid acts to cool the element inside. Just add 2-3 drops of your favorite E-Juice and you will be ready to go again. It's best to never let the atomizer run dry.

If you add too many drops you can flood the atomizer. A flooded atomizer makes a gurgling sound when you take a puff and the vapor production will be weak. If you accidentally flood the atomizer, just continue using it but take light puffs. After a few minutes, it will have burned off the excess E-Juice and it will begin acting normal again. If you take a strong drag while it's flooded, you risk getting juice in your mouth.

It will take some practice, but with time you will figure out the right ratio and when to refill. Remember to never drink the solution and always keep it away from children and pets.

There are two ways to refill your atomizer. You can add your E-Juice directly into the atomizer using 2-3 drops. This is also called "dripping". This deposits the E-Juice directly onto the bridge which is shown in this top-down photo.
The bridge is what soaks up the juice and feeds it to the heating element inside the atomizer.

The atomizer will typically last anywhere from 3-6 weeks on average. They are inexpensive disposable components that can be easily replaced.

Before you assume the atomizer is dying, check that you have a fully charged battery and that there are a few drops of E-Juice on the bridge or in the cartridge.





The other method of refill is to remove the mouth piece tip or cartridge and then add drops of fluid to the white filler until it pools at the top. Re-install the tip and begin vaping. The filler material inside the cartridge acts as a sponge for the E-Juice and slowly wicks the juice onto the atomizer bridge inside.

It's a good idea to replace the tips every few days as the filler material loses its sponge effect and moves further away from the atomizer bridge. This results in less vapor and more of a pooling effect when you refill.

These cartridges are very inexpensive and can be replaced easily if you choose to toss the old one and install a new one.

One trick to getting more juice into the tip is by inserting the end of a paperclip and moving the filler material to the side to let the juice flow to the bottom and let the air bubbles up to the top.


In place of the atomizer you also have the option to use Cartomizers.




Cartomizers are a combination of atomizer and cartridge in one. The advantage to using cartomizers is that they can hold more juice and need to be refilled less often. To refill a cartomizer, just pop off the tip and put about 25 drops of E-Juice into the cartomizer. There is cotton-like material inside that surrounds the heating element and that will absorb the juice. Cartomizers tend to produce more vapor and for longer periods than atomizers. However, cartomizers do not last as long as atomizers. Cartomizers were designed to be used for about 5 days. Some people have reported using cartomizers for 3-4 weeks, so your mileage may vary.

The other advantage to cartomizers is you can have each one filled with different juice and not mix the flavors. Once a flavor is added to an atomizer it takes a while for that flavor to burn off. Menthol is an example of a strong flavor. Once menthol is added to an atomizer, if you want to switch to strawberry, you would get a mix of the two since you are using the same atomizer to do both.




Low Resistance Atomizers and Cartomizers:

LR or Low Resistance atomizers and cartomizers produce a warmer and stronger vapor. This is because the internal resistance of the heating element is lower. This pushes more wattage to the heating element to change the experience. This comes down to personal preference and is something you can experiment with to find your sweet spot. Try some regular and low resistance atomizers or cartomizers to see which one you like best!



E-Juice, also known as E-Liquid or Smoke Juice is the liquid nicotine usually containing a flavoring that comes in small bottles for re-filling cartridges or cartomizers. E-Juice can also be used to drip directly onto the atomizer (dripping).

E-Juice is available in various strengths and an assortment of flavors. The strengths usually range from 0 mg. (nicotine-free) up to 36 mg. per ml and sometimes more. The most popular strengths are 0 mg., 8 mg., 16 mg. and 24 mg. It is a goal for most people to reduce their nicotine intake over a period of time and is made easier by monitoring the various strength levels.

Besides the nicotine, most E-Juice contains food-grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (humectants) along with water and flavoring. Beware of any other additives! The list of flavors available is ever-growing and as delicious as their names! Choose from delectables such as Banana Cream Pie, English Toffee, Butter Rum, Cotton Candy, Crème de Menthe, Chocolate and Fruit Punch in addition to just about every "fruit" flavor imaginable! Check out our scrumptious selection of Pro-Juice and have fun trying the various flavors until you find your favorites.

The government approved Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin can be found in many applications, including food additives, soft drinks, cosmetics and toiletries. The smoke/fog machines found in nightclubs and theatres also use these products. These humectants attract moisture and are a colorless, slightly sweet viscous liquid that when added to the E-Liquid mixture produces that wonderful plume of vapor.

When starting out, it's a good idea to try a couple of different ones to find the strength and flavors that are right for you.

For example, we started with 12mg juice and finally settled on 18mg and 24mg. Try some different ones until you are able to dial in your favorites.

ProVape offers a great selection of E-Juice in many different flavors that you can experiment with to find your all-time favorites. Visit the Pro-Juice section for a complete list of available options.


Care and Maintenance:

It's a good idea to remove the atomizer from the battery housing every couple of days and clean excess juice off with a paper towel. Clean the threads of the atomizer or cartomizer and down inside the atomizer adapter as best as you can. If you have canned air handy, you can also use this to blow out the extra E-Juice around the atomizer adapter.


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