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We receive a high volume of E-mail, most of them asking questions that are already answered below and in our FAQ section. We kindly ask that you please help us by reading the questions and answers below and checkout the FAQ and How-To sections.

We highly recommend you also use the Forum to ask questions and get fast responses. Link to Forum

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Please checkout the FAQ section and How-To section for commonly asked questions.

Common Questions:

Q: Do you offer phone support?
A: Sorry, but we only offer e-mail support at this time.

Q: Do you accept Paypal?
A: Unfortunately we cannot accept Paypal. This is due to Paypal's policy on electronic cigarettes.

Q: Can I change my order once its been placed?
A: Most orders you place on enter the shipping process very quickly so we can get your items to you as soon as possible. Orders already in the shipping process cannot be modified. If you login to your account and check the status and it shows "processing", it cannot be changed.

Q: Why is my tracking number not showing up at
A: If your shipment was just processed it usually takes a day or two for USPS to update their website with the latest shipments. Allow a couple of days to pass then try tracking again. For international orders, its normal for your package to show that its processing in San Francisco for several days, as this is the last stop before its transferred to overseas and customs. Please allow up to two weeks on all international shipments with customs delays.

Q: I'm new to the ProVari and wondering what I should get for a starter kit?
A: Checkout this link which helps explain all the different options and what you should get.

Q: I'm having some trouble and need assistance with troubleshooting a problem
A: Please checkout the troubleshooting guide first before contacting us.

Q: Do you have any coupon codes?
A: Rather than increase our prices and offer coupon codes to bring it back down, we offer everyday low prices on all the items on our website, and you don't need a coupon. Occasionally we will run promotions and the best place to spot these is on our Facebook page.

Q: What is the current wait time on the ProVari?
A: The wait times are posted on each product page. Check the individual products and in the description you will see the lead times. The times posted are estimates only and actual ship times vary from week to week. We will ship your order as soon as possible but please allow up to the posted lead time for us to process the order.

Q: What is the difference between V1 and V2?
A: V2 has a wider voltage range of 2.9-6 volts and offers a higher amperage output to support low resistance atomizers and cartomizers. These are the only changes.

Q: Can I upgrade to V2 if I have a V1 device?
A: Yes. We offer a upgrade for $20 each, if you are in the US. This covers the cost to upgrade the device and return shipping. If you are shipping it back from outside the US, please contact us and we can provide return shipping rates. In order to upgrade you will need to send the unit to us for its updates. Please allow shipping and processing time. There is no time limit on the V2 upgrade, so you can do it at anytime. We cannot upgrade the display to blue. We can only update the board you have to V2 with no additional changes. At this time we cannot add any merchandise or orders to a return. You would need to place a new order and it would be shipped out separate. If you would like to upgrade to V2 please contact us with your original order number and we can arrange the return.

Q: Can I add something to my order after its been placed?
A: Due to the way our system works, once a order has been placed and its in processing we cannot update or change since it goes to the warehouse for packing right away. If you need to add something or change it, please e-mail us a cancel request. We will cancel the order pending and you can then place a new order. Please note that once a order has been placed, your credit card will have been authorized for the order amount. When its canceled, it can take 7-10 business days for your bank to credit this authorization back to your credit card. It might be easier to place a new order for the extra items you need.

Q: Can you make a custom color, tube or custom display color?
A: We cannot do any custom orders at this time. This is due to the setup fees that vendors charge to say make a custom color, so we are not able to do any custom orders at this time.

Q: My ProVari is not getting any power and I cannot get the display to light up?
A: This is most likely caused by either using the incorrect batteries, flat top batteries or the contact pin down inside the tube is dirty and needs to be cleaned. If you are not getting any power, use a long Q-Tip wet with isopropyl alcohol and clean the metal contact pin down inside the tube where the battery meets with the circuit board. Make sure that contact pin is clean and shiny. Also clean the tops of your batteries with isopropyl alcohol. Here is a video which explains how to properly clean this pin - Link

Q: Do you offer a starter kit for the colors?
A: The starter kit is only available in the Satin Silver right now, but you can create your own starter kit by adding the individual items that make a starter kit and pick the color of device you want.

Q: How do I know if my ProVari is V1 or V2?
A: If you are able to set your voltage down to 2.9 volts on the menu, then you have a V2. If your lowest setting is 3.3 volts then its a V1.

Q: What is the amperage limit on the ProVari V2?
A: This document shows a chart which explains the amperage limits across the voltage range. - Link

Q: Technically, What is the difference between V1 and V2?
A: View this PDF which explains the differences between the two versions - Link

Q: I'm getting E4 errors or intermittant connection.
A: This is mostly caused by a dirty contact pin. Please check out this video on how to clean the contact pin - Link

Q: When will the Chrome tubes be offered again?
A: We are working on some changes to will allow us to make Chrome ProVari's again but this won't be ready until the first part of 2013. Please check back with us then.

Please check the above to see if your question is answered before contacting us.

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We answer all E-mail's within 24 hours at the latest during regular business days excluding holidays. If for any reason you don't get a response, please try to contact us again and make sure you check that your e-mail address is spelled correct. If you have not received a response it could also be a problem with us getting a response to you at the e-mail address you provided. Try using a different e-mail address.