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Welcome to the exciting world of Personal Vaporizing!

If you are not familiar with electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers, you're in the right spot. Many people who are current smokers have heard about ecigs or even tried vaping; but the experience has been less than desired. That's exactly why ProVape created a product-line of devices that deliver the best experience from the very beginning.

How It Works

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What do you put in your new ProVari™?

As adults, we enjoy choices. We don't want only Tobacco or Menthol... we want choices and variety. ProVape delivers exactly that in our selection of finely crafted e-liquids. Many people find that dialing in the nicotine levels as well as flavors creates a unique experience. Something special designed just for you and your personal taste and preferences. This is one of the most important aspects of your life; and we want you to have choices and enjoy creating that absolutely perfect vape each and every time.

  STARTER TIP:   We would recommend 18mg strength. If you find you still crave a cigarette you can always go up in the nicotine level. The nice thing about having choices is you can dial in just the right amount by selecting different mixes.




Whenever ProVape introduces its version of the latest features and technology, instead of having to purchase a new mod to get those features, you simply upgrade your existing ProVari™ at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new ecig mod.


ProVape has always been committed to the safety of all of its products. We go to great lengths to design and manufacture the safest mods in the industry.


ProVape products are known world-wide for the quality of their construction and their legendary dependability. ProVape products are made to last. The vast majority of ProVari's purchased over the last five years are still being vaped on today!


We’re proud of the fact that our quality products are manufactured in the United States, by US workers and US-made materials.

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We put the ProVaris though everything we don't want you to put them through! They are frozen, heated to 130 degrees fahrenheit, and are soaked in water. Our testing process is one of the reasons that ProVari™ mods are legendary in their ability to withstand abuse and last for years.


We carry the longest standard manufacturer's warranty in the industry. It is backed by a highly trained and professional service team. In the rare event that a ProVari™ should need to be repaired, it can simply be returned to ProVape to be evaluated and serviced.

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When you order a Starter Kit, the product arrives with everything you need to go directly from being a smoker to enjoying the freedom of vapor. The starter kits are comprised of the following:

Classic Starter

mini starter

(1) ProVari™ Classic Variable Voltage/Wattage
Vaporizer with a 510 connection

(2) 18350 AW high drain batteries

(1) Battery Charger

(1) 10ml bottle of E-Liquid

(1) Nautilus P3 Thread Tank

(1) Extension Ring

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P3 Starter


(1) ProVari™ 3 Device with a 510 connection

(2) 18350 AW high drain batteries

(1) Battery Charger

(1) 10ml bottle of E-Liquid

(1) Nautilus P3 Thread Tank

(2) Extension Rings

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When your Starter Kit arrives, here's a great video that demonstrates how everything works!

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Still need a bit of help?

Check out our glossary for vaping terminology as well as some tips for the perfect vape!