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*We cannot accept returns on any E-Liquid products due to safety reasons*
* Lead time on larger bottles ranges from 3-5 days (Sizes 120ml on up)*

WARNING: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

ProVape is pleased to announce a new 50/50 PG/VG option, available in 30ml and all bulk sizes and at nicotine levels of 0, 6 and 12 mg/ml. They have been designed to work optimally with high power hardware and sub-ohm tanks. Our original PG/VG ratio is a 70/30 blend designed to provide the best experience with the original Provari power levels and Nautilus-style tanks. If you like how this works in your ProVari, you can continue to buy this high quality juice in 70/30 by choosing the “Original 70/30 option”. However, if you prefer a thicker juice that contains higher levels of USP Vegetable Glycerin, you can have it today in your favorite flavors by choosing the “New 50/50” option in the menu. The choice is yours. Enjoy!

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drippers The Drippers E-Liquid - MAX VG

The Dripper E-Liquid

Buy Now:$69.95
Tobacco Lovers Tobacco Lovers Bundle - SAVE 30%

Tobacco Lovers Bundle

Buy Now:$39.00
Fruit Lovers Fruit Lovers Bundle - SAVE 30%

Fruit Lovers Bundle

Buy Now:$39.00
Mint and Menthol Lovers Mint and Menthol Lovers Bundle - SAVE 30%

Mint & Menthol Lovers Bundle

Buy Now:$39.00
Sweet Lovers Sweet Lovers Bundle - SAVE 30%

Sweet Lovers Bundle

Buy Now:$39.00
Seasonal Lovers Seasonal Lovers Bundle - SAVE 30%

Seasonal Lovers Bundle

Buy Now:$39.00
silky caramel Silky Caramel

A candy like caramel flavor that contains hints of brown sugar and even maple syrup

Buy Now:$9.95
E-Liquid 3 Bottle Sample Pack

Premium American Made E-liquid

Buy Now:$15.95
absolute zero menthol Absolute Zero Menthol

This freezing cold vape is made using an Absolutely perfect blend of mints and menthol

Buy Now:$9.95
Big Sky Tobacco

Unique tobacco flavor with hints of black cherry and vanilla to give you a beautifully balanced vape

Buy Now:$9.95
cherry cola Cherry Cola

This vape is one of our favorites and we think it will be one of yours too

Buy Now:$9.95
cherry Cherry

A full flavor and refreshing e-liquid that will remind you of a bowl of cherries in the summer

Buy Now:$9.95
cherry lemonade Cherry Lemonade

Lemonade flavor with just the right amount of cherry to give you one of the best fruit flavors

Buy Now:$9.95
chocolate Chocolate

Sit back and enjoy this guilt free pleasure in place of a candy bar or piece of chocolate cake!

Buy Now:$9.95
cinnabomb CinnaBomb

This e-liquid isn't for the weak. If you're not afraid of some real kick give this a try

Buy Now:$9.95
Citrus Blast Citrus Blast

A citrus e-liquid made with lime, lemon and other fresh citrus flavors

Buy Now:$9.95

A cola blend that is full of flavor yet is easy to vape and enjoy

Buy Now:$9.95
Diamondback Tobacco Diamondback Tobacco

We believe that Diamondback Tobacco will quickly become a classic

Buy Now:$9.95
Frosted Blueberry Frosted Blueberry

The natural flavors of blueberry shine through on this truly juicy vaping e-liquid

Buy Now:$9.95
Frosted Clove Frosted Clove

Designed for those of you who crave that smooth clove taste with a frosty cold finish

Buy Now:$9.95
Goldrush ICE Tobacco Goldrush ICE Tobacco

GoldRush ICE is a truly refined yet powerful flavor that you have to vape to believe

Buy Now:$9.95
Goldrush Tobacco Goldrush Tobacco

A golden colored e-liquid with a 555 taste wrapped in a sweeter and more complex flavor profile

Buy Now:$9.95
havana gold Havana Gold Tobacco

A flavor designed for our customers who crave an experience similar to smoking a high-end cigar

Buy Now:$9.95
icy menthol Icy Menthol

Our best selling flavor of "fire and ice" menthol that has rave reviews and many dedicated users

Buy Now:$9.95
Ken's Tobacco

Fans of Ken's Tobacco Original liquid can now get that same great flavor in a ProVape Premium e-liquid

Buy Now:$9.95
lemonade Lemonade

Put a little sunshine in your day by trying ProVape Lemonade flavored e-liquid!

Buy Now:$9.95
Mountain Blueberry Mountain Blueberry

An e-liquid that tastes like fresh picked mountain blueberries

Buy Now:$9.95
mint chocolate Mint Chocolate

A chocolate that brings you a great combination of cinnamon, mint and chocolate flavor

Buy Now:$9.95
peach nectar Peach Nectar

A bright, crisp and refreshing vape that delivers the true taste of a ripe and juicy peach

Buy Now:$9.95
Pom-Strawberry Pom-Strawberry

We blended tart and juicy pomegranate flavor into our strawberry e-liquid to create Pom-Strawberry

Buy Now:$9.95
Red Hot Cinnamon Red Hot Cinnamon

A full-bodied and delicious version of the candy you loved growing up

Buy Now:$9.95
Simply Vanilla Simply Vanilla

A well balanced vape that contains the true vanilla flavor you expect without being too sweet

Buy Now:$9.95
Snickerdoodle Snickerdoodle

It tastes like the first bite from a delicious batch of Snickerdoodles that you just took out of the oven

Buy Now:$9.95
Sweet Tobacco Sweet Tobacco

Enjoy a ProVape Sweet Tobacco any time you want to indulge

Buy Now:$9.95
Whitehorse ICE Tobacco Whitehorse ICE Tobacco

A full flavored tobacco with an incredible throat hit and a frozen finish

Buy Now:$9.95
Whitehorse Tobacco Whitehorse Tobacco

A 555 blend that carries highlights of caramel and nuts in a lightly sweet tobacco

Buy Now:$9.95
Wild Blueberry Tobacco Wild Blueberry Tobacco

A superb blend of tobacco and blueberry that you have to taste to believe

Buy Now:$9.95
electronic cigarette refill liquid Wintergreen

A delicious wintergreen flavor blend with exceptional throat hit

Buy Now:$9.95
Watermelon Watermelon

This premium e-liquid is the ultimate watermelon flavor we have ever tasted

Buy Now:$9.95
white grape White Grape

If you're a fan of fruit flavors this e-liquid may become a new favorite

Buy Now:$9.95
Cinn-full Pear Cinn-full Pear

With juicy ripe pear highlighted by delicious cinnamon, this luscious vape will make you feel like you need to confess

Buy Now:$9.95
fire ice menthol Fire and Ice Menthol

ProVape is known for the
best menthols and this raises the bar even higher

Buy Now:$9.95
caribbean creme Caribbean Creme

A vape that will quickly
transport your latitude and your attitude to the equator

Buy Now:$9.95
Long Horn Menthol Tobacco Long Horn Menthol Tobacco

A smooth and enjoyable tobacco blend with a strong icy menthol throat hit

Buy Now:$9.95
Fruit Topia Fruit Topia

You'll find raspberry, strawberry, grape, apricot and much more waiting for you in our Fruit Topia

Buy Now:$9.95
Pink Pink

This premium e-liquid will deliver a delicious flavor with every pull from your PV

Buy Now:$9.95
Glacial Peppermint Glacial Peppermint

An icy cold and refreshing peppermint and menthol vape. Pure and delicious!

Buy Now:$9.95
Frosted York Frosted York

A minty cold vape with the taste of rich chocolate will put a smile on your face

Buy Now:$9.95